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  1. If you are married, both spouses must commit to, and take part in the initial free consultation session (10 minutes).
  2. At the initial consultation we will discuss next step and financial terms for coaching services.
  3. Fees are based on several factors such as complexity of your situation, estimated length of time and your financial situation to get you going in the right direction.

At our initial coaching session, together with you:

We focus on understanding your current situation, goals and objective, evaluate your current budget, goals, and resources; begin developing a strategy to meet and exceed your goals.  We will recommend specific courses of action we believe you should take.

 All coaching will be subject to these general policies:

  1. If you are married, both spouses must commit to, and take part in, all scheduled coaching sessions.
  2. We request cancellations be made at least one business day prior to scheduled appointment.

As to information, documents, and materials we ask you to provide in advance:

These must be received in our office two full business days in advance of your scheduled appointment.  If any requested materials, documents or information is not submitted within that time frame, we may reschedule your coaching session.  You assume all responsibility for providing accurate and complete materials documentation, and fact upon which our coaching may be based.

 Our confidentiality policy is this:

All matters discussed, facts revealed, and the nature and content of all documents you provide us or that we generate will be kept confidential.  We will reveal such matters only upon receipt of a written authorization and clear, verifiable instructions from you telling us exactly what we may reveal.  If you are married, both spouses must sign the authorization and instructions.

 Our only disclaimer is this:

Coaching is designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered.  It is provided with the understanding that the coach will not engage in or render legal, accounting, taxes advice, investment advice or other professional advice.  Since each client’s situation is individually independent, you must seek additional advice from appropriate licensed legal, accounting or investment services.

 We can, and do, promise you this:

We will tell you what we believe you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear; we will offer a plan with clear direction and be available for follow ups to keep you on track.

 We expect, and assume, this promise from you:

That you will come prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to succeed; do what you need to do in order to understand the plan and recommendations; take full responsibility for you plan and its implementation; take the action necessary to accomplish your goals; and contact us when you need additional advice, guidance and support.




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