Initial Consultation This program is designed for the single adult that wants to get out of debt and take controls of your finances. If you are you are in a serious relationship or engaged you may want to consider this


Initial Consultation If you are married, both spouses must commit to, and take part in the initial free consultation session (10 minutes). At the initial consultation we will discuss next step and financial terms for coaching services. Fees are based


 Initial Consultation This program is designed for businesses that need help getting started, reviewing new business strategies or want to help their employees learn about personal finances, get out of debt and take control of their finances. At the initial

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    Remove the invisible drains on your budget.

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    What Does God Say about Money

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Stop Paying Interest; Start Earning Interest, says it all.  This is the tagline of BGR Financial Coaching for one reason.  It makes sense! First of all, banks are known for their checking and savings accounts.  Most are known for the

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Thank You!

Mr. Robinson, thank you for you expert instruction on personal finances and how to plan for the future. Your recommendations have put me on the right path for my financial future. I am investing in my future right now.

S. Guajardo Student Paul Mitchell The School

Great Work

Coach Boris did great work with us, helping us to put a plan into action; putting us on the path to financial freedom.

Calvin and Kathy Round Rock, Texas

Solid Advice

Boris did a super job explaining the concept of paying off our debt and creating our emergency fund.

Jeff & Sally Business owners

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